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2021 Election Committee Rules, Procedures and Political Campaign Guidelines

RWA Voting Procedures Questions & Answers

RWA Voting Procedures Questions & Answers


Why must I sign the outside of the white preaddressed envelope?

Because we have a secret ballot, the procedures adopted by the Board of Directors of the RWA are as required by Florida statute 720.306 (8) (b). This statute requires the ballot be sealed in an envelope with no identifying markings, and placed inside an envelope with the lot identified and a signature on the outside of the envelope.

Why do I have to place each sealed ballot envelope in a separate signed white pre-addressed envelope? If I/we own more than one lot, why can’t we place all blue sealed ballot envelopes inside a single signed pre-addressed envelope?

Florida Statute 720.306 (8)(b) and the RWA Election Procedures section XIII A requires that each lot must individually have the signature verified as being of the designated voter.

What happens when the ballots are received by Webb Lorah and/or the RWA?

The RWA’s Independent Auditor, Webb Lorah, is the custodian of all mail-in ballot documents received prior to the annual meeting. Based on RWA Election Rules and Procedures, the Independent Auditor determines that annual meeting/election related documents have been completed and submitted properly. Your sealed blue envelope, containing a blue ballot, is opened and counted during the annual meeting, not before the meeting. Since the blue envelope and blue ballot contain no identification markings, your vote is secret. However, if rules and procedures are not followed, RWA Election Rules require that ballots be disqualified and not counted.

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